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March 17th 2019

I miss having a blog. Not that I was ever any good at it, but I miss it. I'm gonna use it as a way of enhancing my creativity, and as an Instagram replacement, at least in some percentage. I'm spending way too much time looking at my feed on IG and it's becoming a problem. I can literally feel my brain cells dying off when I spend a whole day scrolling through the same app. It's made me a very lazy, dull, ghost-like person. And it's not good for my mental health either. Checking how many views my instastory has and searching if that one person had seen in, or waiting for likes under my newest photo is not healthy at all. It's very tiring and draining.   I'm not sure what I'm gonna post on here, though. I want to say I'm not doing it for the attention of followers, but I hope it's gonna pick up a bit more this time. But I guess I'm mostly doing it for me because this past few months had been quite shit, to be honest, and I need somewhere wh…

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